Supported I/O Configurations

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Plugin NameMono I/OStereo I/OSurround I/OOther Supported Formats and Special Conditions
Cyclic Pannermono in - stereo out
DeSibilizer / DeSibilizer LL✔ (unlimited channel count)
Invisible Limiter✔ (up to 8 channels)
Invisible Limiter G2✔ (up to 12 channels)
Invisible Limiter G3✔ (up to 32 channels)
Nu Compressor✔ (unlimited channel count)number of sidechain channels ≦ number of input channels
Sakura Dither✔ (unlimited channel count)
Stereo Imager D
Track Symbiosis✔ (unlimited channel count)
tranQuilizr✔ (up to 8 channels)
tranQuilizr G2✔ (up to 8 channels)
Triple Fader
Wave Shredder✔ (unlimited channel count)
Note: VST2 plugins don't support surround configurations.